Pluma Series - Birds and Feathers

Created in early 2021 this new series was developed from the Portebello range to incorporate transfers of feathers into the pieces under a ‘Grey Spice’ glaze.  The ‘Driftwood’ grey glaze completes the trio of colours with ‘Olive Green’on the hand carved lines.  The cut away edges are shaped to reflect a bird’s egg form.

Pluma Lux Range - Feathers

Created in early 2021 this new series was a further development of my Pluma range.  This design uses the beauty of a ‘Celadon’ glaze to highlight the hand carved relief.  The ‘Hearthstone’, matt, speckled glaze completes the trio of colours with ‘transparent ’, which is also underneath/inside the pieces. A clean contemporary design to suit a bedroom, bathroom or any calm space in the home. 

Ocean Series - Lustre sea....

Created in early 2021 this new series explores the simplicity of line through carving and transfers. The beautiful 'China Sea' crackle glaze is enhanced with an 'opal lustre' to add an iridescent matt sheen to the surface of the water.  Each piece sold supports the work of the Blue Marine Foundation. 10% of the sale price will be donated to this very worthwhile charity.

Portobello and Woodlands range

Inspired by the study of fungi and the delicate filaments under the protection of the mushrooms cap, this range has developed from my love of woodlands; leaves, acorns, autumnal colours and the peace and sanctuary we experience under the canopy. Dappled shade and the soft sounds or rustling leaves. I am looking forward to expanding this range this year.     

Rope series -End of the line...

This collection pays homage to the ropes and lines that criss-cross over the waters surface when boats are moored in the quay. Ropes have played an important role in the marine world from the largest ships to the smallest dinghies that float on the waters surface. Textured surfaces on the pieces mimic the ripples and movement of the waters surface.  This ‘series of work’ has been with me since my studio first opened in 2004 and has evolved over that time. 

Fair Winds - Lustre and Gulls

This beautiful range has become one of my favourites over recent years. Available in varying shades and colours, inspired by the ever changing coastal landscape. My walks with family, and Daisy our plodding Labrador along the prom, with wistful admiration of the beauty of nature; flickering sunlight on the waves. The sound of gulls and the waves on the shoreline filtering through the pebbles. The ever changing intensity of the huge Suffolk sky.